4 Speakers | 4 Continent (Africa, Asia, American and Europe) | 1 Location

Course Description:

The Introduction to Public Policy course is a unique offering to the certificate course environment. Bringing together cutting edge policy in the broad fields of Governance, Data collection, Data Evaluation, Policy Design and Policy Communication. This course introduces participants to the political significance and societal consequences of policy and policymaking.

Policies help accelerate the essential political processes and socio-economic development of the citizens of a nation. This curriculum is carefully designed to help participants to understand public policy generally The course will incorporate an interactive and engaging methodology. Policy Course will include case studies, live examples, virtual sessions and exciting assignments.

Course Objective:

  1. To introduce participants to policy research and its main function areas- methodology, data analysis, designing, evaluation and communication.
  2. The course will build participants’ critical thinking, problem solving and decision making capabilities.
  3. To prepare participants on why they need to advocate for Public Policy
  4. To equip participants in looking at socio-economic issues

After completing the course, learners will have:

  1. The ability to adopt available approach to curtail policies issues
  2. Insights from instructors working actively in public policy.
  3. An understanding of research methods which will help systematically study a particular issue, policy or initiative in order to get reliable and valid results.
  4. The knowledge of public policy and learn how it interacts within the society.

Date: December 2022 (Zoom or google meet)