Kidnapping for Ransom in Nigeria: Laws, Setbacks and Solutions

Kidnapping for ransom is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. This explains why the act has been prevalent across the country. Kidnappers abduct their victims, demanding for money and other non-monetary demands in exchange for their freedom. According to report by SBM Intelligence, an Africa-focused geopolitical research and strategic communications consulting firm, at […]

Nigeria’s Fuel Subsidy Removal: Economic Realities Unveiling

While many Nigerians celebrated the removal of the fuel subsidy by the new president of Nigeria on 29th May 2023 believing it was a good move by the president, the reality of the fuel subsidy removal has begun to manifest leading to sad comments from Nigerian citizens.


Freedom of expression, right to education, right to freedom of fair hearing, freedom of movement, right to freedom of religion, and right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association are some of the provisions of the Nigerian constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.